Did you know last week was Dental Health week?

Here at Urban Dental we are committed to caring for you and your smile! Education regarding your teeth is a high priority and we want to make sure, you and your teeth are receiving the best care possible. Here is our first tip on maintaining your oral health.

Flossing: Did you know that brushing your teeth alone is only doing half the job?

Each tooth has 5 surfaces, all of which require cleaning. Your toothbrush can only effectively reach 3 of these surfaces. Flossing is important to ensure that the last two surfaces, the surfaces between your teeth are being reached and cleaned.

Flossing is not only for your dental hygiene, but also to ensure the longevity of and fillings by reducing further decay that may form underneath the filling. Furthermore, flossing daily, can also keep track of your oral hygiene and can alert us of any newly formed dental ridges and cavities. If your floss begins to break in areas where it usually wouldn’t, it can be an indicator that you should visit your dentist.

Soft brush: Have you noticed any sensitivity around your gums?

Sensitivity around the gums can often be a result of overzealous brushing. Most people approach the art of cleaning your teeth with heavy scrubbing, however this can cause damage to your enamel and may lead to gum recession.

To minimize your risk of this, it is important to follow a few steps.

1. Be sure to use a soft bristled brush.

2. Adjust the grip of your toothbrush. We recommend holding the toothbrush between your forefinger and thumb, this prevents you from applying to much pressure.

3. When brushing, use a rotational movement rather than an up and down movement. This is more gentle and less abrasive to your teeth and gums.

The Australian Dental Association has put together a Video with a step by step guide to effective brushing.\

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