Services at Urban Dental in Kelvin Grove


General dentistry

At Urban Dental we have been caring for the Kelvin Grove community for over twenty years.


Our focus is on preventative dentistry to keep our patient's teeth and smiles healthy and beautiful for life.


We offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments, and work closely with dental specialists to provide  optimal treatments in a caring and professional setting.

At Urban Dental, we provide the following general dental treatments and services:

  • In depth dental oral examination with x-rays

  • Deep cleaning/scale and polish

  • Teeth removal

  • Minor oral surgery

  • Complex Filling and Root Canal Treatments

  • Replacing discoloured, defective amalgam fillings with white fillings

  • Custom mouth guards and Night guards

  • Crowns and bridges

  • Fluoride applications

  • Teeth sealants

  • Emergency dental care and treatment

  • Full and partial dentures

  • Implants

  • Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth removal

At Urban Dental we have been looking after wisdom teeth removal of the local community for decades.

Your wisdom teeth are located at the back of your mouth — two in your upper jaw and two in your lower jaw — and are more frequently extracted than any other teeth. This is because they can cause problems from the time they break through the gums, or erupt, around age 18 - 21.

Insufficient space and resulting problems often make removal of wisdom teeth the best option.

We may advise wisdom tooth removal for some of the following reasons:

  • Impaction with the risk of damage to adjacent teeth or crowding

  • Repeated episodes of infection of the gum overlying wisdom teeth

  • Presence of cysts associated with un-erupted wisdom teeth

  • Decay of the wisdom teeth due to difficulty in adequate access for cleaning

  • The presence of headaches or pain which may be associated with the wisdom teeth

Visit Urban Dental for Safe Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dr Tony Hughes has been removing wisdom teeth under local anaesthesia in his surgery and under general anaesthesia in hospitals including Brisbane Private Hospital for over 25 years.

Urban Dental provides FREE wisdom teeth consultations. To book, phone 3839 9488 or email

Cosmetic dentistry

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you and we want you to be able to smile with confidence and most importantly ensure that your smile is healthy!

Improving your smile is now more accessible than ever. Even subtle changes can make a dramatic difference in the way you look and feel about yourself.  We offer a range of services such as whitening, white fillings, dental bonding, dental implants, porcelain crowns and veneers, which can give you the confidence to smile freely.

Examples of cosmetic dentistry provided at Urban Dental include:

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Crowns/Bridges

  • Veneers

  • Dental Implants

Urban Dental services Kelvin Grove, Paddington, Herston, Red Hill, Ashgrove and all surrounding suburbs with our convenient Brisbane based location.

Teeth whitening

Look your best with a whiter, brighter smile.

Numerous lifestyle choices can stain our teeth such as tea, coffee, smoking, certain foods and medications. An effective and affordable way to reverse or minimise these stains is by “tooth whitening”.

With our take home whitening kit, your teeth will be whiter in just 5-7 days, although most people continue with treatment for two to three weeks. In surgery tooth whitening is also available. We can help you choose which method is best for you. Call us on 3839 9488 to book a tooth whitening consultation.


Dental implants

Losing teeth can be extremely traumatic. Dental implants are often the best way to give back both function and beauty to your smile. A dental implant involves the placement of a titanium component into your jaw which acts as the root of the missing tooth. A porcelain tooth or crown can then be attached to restore your smile. We use high quality U.S designed and manufactured dental implants in conjunction with local quality Australian master ceramists and technicians to provide the best cosmetic and long lasting results.

Children’s Dentistry

As children generally start getting teeth at around six months of age, this is a great time to discuss how to best care for their pearly whites.

Eighteen months of age is a good age to start involving kids in dental visits. This may be as simple as sitting on Mum or Dad's lap in the dental chair, having a ride and getting a sticker. The purpose of these early visits is to establish rapport and begin introducing dental treatment to young children in a fun and relaxed way. These appointments are the building blocks for establishing a positive attitude towards oral hygiene that can have a huge influence throughout a person's life.

At Urban Dental, we don't want cost to be a barrier for you bringing your children for preventative treatment. That is why  we provide all preventative treatments, irrespective  of your private health insurance policy, with no out of pocket expense. Preventative treatments include:

  • Examinations

  • Consultations

  • X-rays

  • Cleaning

  • Fluoride Treatments

  • Fissure Sealants

If you don't have health insurance we provide preventative care for children at a 50% discount. We also keep all fillings and extractions of baby teeth to a set price of $120

Urban Dental participates in the Child Benefit Dental Scheme (CBDS) a Medicare scheme for eligible children aged two to seventeen inclusive, whereby up to $1000 of treatment can be provided. Find out more at or contact us for more information.

Is your child sport ready?

Sporting accidents are one of the most common causes of dental injury.

Wearing a protective custom-fitted mouthguard whilst playing contact sports can help to avoid dental injuries. Custom-fitted mouthguards provide a better fit than other varieties, as they are made to suit your individual needs. Ask us about our custom fitted mouthguards today!

Emergency care

Urgent bookings are available at Urban Dental for when accidents happen or when pain becomes unbearable.

Facial infections can have serious consequences, so we urge you to seek immediate professional attention. Some examples of symptoms requiring  emergency care are:

  • Facial Swelling

  • Sharp throbbing or intense toothache

  • Pain preventing sleep

  • Broken or missing teeth

Call Urban Dental on 3839 9488. After hours may require a hospital visit.

University program

We are delighted to be able to offer students and staff of QUT University a special oral health program. Since we are so close, we are more than happy to accommodate our friends at the University and want to help you to achieve optimal oral health and in turn overall health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our reception today, call 3839 9488.​

Sleep apnoea & snoring

Could you have sleep apnoea?

Are you always tired? Do you snore? Both are indications that you might need healthier sleep.

Though snoring is the most obvious of sleep apnoea symptoms, skipping breaths while you sleep is by far a more serious health concern. Left untreated, sleep apnoea has been shown to be associated with higher risk for serious health problems, such as heart attack or stroke. When you skip breaths, your blood oxygen level plummets. This can compromise your entire health and wellbeing.

If you or your partner have concerns in this area, please visit us for a consultation.

TMJ and teeth grinding

Do you wake up with a dull, constant headache or sore jaw? If so, you may be suffering from bruxism.

Bruxism is the involuntary clenching, grinding and gnashing of the teeth. About half of the population does this from time to time. Around five per cent of the population are regular, forceful tooth grinders. Often grinding happens during sleep, but some people even do this when they are awake.

Over an extended period, grinding can cause considerable damage to your teeth. If it continues to occur, the action will begin to wear away the enamel on your tooth and damage any dental work that has been done. Bruxism can place significant stress on your jaw muscles and joints and cause persistent jaw ache and headaches.

If you think you are grinding your teeth please seek advice from Urban Dental today. To book an appointment, call 3839 9488.

Custom Mouthguards

Protect your smile with a custom fitted mouthguard

Many teeth are broken or lost in sporting accidents. Although mouthguards are worn by some participants playing sport there are still many injuries due to “stock mouthguards” or “boil and bite mouthguards” not being effective.

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends anyone who participates in a sport that carries a risk of contact to the face should wear a professional “custom fit mouthguard” to prevent dental injuries from occurring or reducing the severity of them.

Your custom fit mouthguard will be comfortable, provide you with maximum protection and could save you from extensive dental treatment, concussion and jaw injuries. A variety of colours and patterns are available for you to choose from too!

Call us to make an appointment for a mouthguard impression today!