Unfortunately, We Don’t Have X-Ray Vision... So, We Take X-rays!

At, Urban Dental, we think X-Rays (radiographs) are a very important diagnostic tool.

As they allow us to check areas, that we cannot clinically see… like in between your teeth.

By taking dental X-Rays it helps us detect potential issues early,

reducing your risk of needing more complex dental treatment later on.

That is why we thought we would write this article to explain more about why we take X-Rays and why we think they are important. But we will also discuss whether they are safe and why we run out of the room when you are having them taken. So, please read on!

What Are X-Rays Used For?

There a few different types of dental X-Rays. Which type we use depends on what we are looking for.

Some X-Rays are designed to go inside your mouth, known as intraoral. Or they can go around your head, known as extraoral.

X-Rays can be used to diagnose:

  • Dental decay (holes)

  • Leakage around existing fillings, crown, bridges or root canal treated teeth

  • Infections, abscesses or cysts within the mouth

  • Presence and extent of gum and jaw bone disease

  • Tooth development issues, such as position of unerupted teeth

  • The amount and quality of bone in preparation for dental implants

  • Locate the sinus in relation to the teeth

  • Injuries from trauma, which may have caused tooth or bone fractures

  • Location nerves and the root structure of teeth

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Yes. X-Rays are safe.

At, Urban Dental, we use the latest in X-Ray technology. This means that the amount of radiation produced is only small. It is actually similar to a 1-3hr flight!

If X-Rays Are Safe Why Do You Leave the Room?

Even though X-Rays are safe because we are taking X-Rays all day, we step out of the room to limit our ongoing exposure. So, please don’t be alarmed when you see us leaving the room as your X-Rays are taken.

What If You Are Pregnant?

While it is possible to take X-Rays when someone is pregnant, 2 at Urban Dental, we prefer to keep this to a minimum.

So, if you think you may be pregnant or are pregnant, please let the team at Urban Dental know, even if it is early days. It is also worth noting that it is okay and safe to take X-Rays if you are breastfeeding.

Can children have X-Rays?

Just like adults, it is safe to take X-Rays on children.

Some children however find it difficult to tolerate intraoral X-Ray film in their mouth, even though we use a small size for them. But X-Rays are just as important for them in detecting and diagnosing dental disease but also in monitoring for any potential developmental abnormalities.

How Often Should I Have X-Rays Taken?

At, Urban Dental, we will only take X-Rays when or if we think they are necessary. But because there are actually different types of dental X-Rays, depending on what we are looking for, how often we take them varies.

So, at Urban Dental, we use your previous dental history and your risk factors for dental disease to decide how often they should be taken and to help us decide which type of X-Ray we need to use. Your dental professional will be able to discuss this with your further.

At, Urban Dental, we find X-Rays to be an invaluable diagnostic tool

to help us ensure the best treatment outcomes for you!

But should you have any concerns or questions then please do not hesitate to

call our friendly team on 07 3839 9488 to discuss

or next time you are in just ask us.

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