Get wiser on wisdom teeth-5 Interesting facts you might not know about wisdom teeth

Updated: May 7, 2018

Wisdom teeth can make you sore but not wise. They can come through at any stage from 16-80+ years but commonly erupt in late teens/early 20s. This involves one final set of permanent teeth coming in: the third molars, also known as wisdom teeth.

Want to get wiser on wisdom teeth!

Below we discuss some interesting facts you might not know about wisdom teeth:

1. You don’t actually need your wisdom teeth

Technically, you don’t need your wisdom teeth, your mouth can function just fine without them. In fact, they are often likely to cause problems, which is why many people have them removed.

2. They can come through at any time

Wisdom teeth can come through at any stage from 16-80+ years but commonly erupt in late teens/early 20s.

3. Not everyone gets them

Most people develop four wisdom teeth. Others get zero, one, two, three or more. The greatest number of wisdom teeth we have seen needing removal is ten. That’s right, ten wisdom teeth!

Typically, you become aware of their presence due to pain or discomfort as they attempt to break though the gums or erupt. The only way to tell how many wisdom teeth you have is by a jaw x ray, called an OPG.

4. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause infection

Bacteria an easily colonise around a partially erupted wisdom tooth, leading to infection and pain. Cysts can also form around unerupted wisdom teeth, leading to nerve damage and loss of bone in the jaw. In the 1800’s before the advent of antibiotics and modern dental procedures, death from infected wisdom teeth was common. Fortunately, this is now avoidable and extremely rare.

5. Wisdom teeth can cause harm to teeth alignment

Impacted wisdom teeth can force your other teeth out of their original positions. This can, potentially undo the effects of orthodontic work you may have endured when you were younger. They can also negatively impact other previous dental work like bridges, crowns, and dentures.

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